We are a faith based ministry bridging the gap between people with unwanted same-gender attractions and homosexual behavior and the unfailing love of Jesus.

Men meet at Bridge of Hope. Please request an application. When the completed application is received, we will schedule an Intake Interview to meet you.

Women meet at Meeting with Jesus with Sue B.   Please write her at MeetingwithJesus.com for more details.

We also provide support for family and friends desiring help in their relationship with a loved one who is involved in homosexuality.

Families and friends meet at Circle of Love.   Please write Circle.of.love@sbcglobal.net for further information.

Bridge of Hope. Moving on with Jesus and Circle of Love do not promote homophobia. Homophobia can be anything from an inward feeling of disgust or hatred, to an outward verbal display of disapproval or even violence.

We believe ALL people deserve dignity and respect, and have the right to be considered valued members of society.

We merely wish to express our views and share our testimonies about our relationship with Jesus Christ, and offer assistance to those who wish to seek an identity other than gay-identified.

Men, for more information, please call 614.855.2184 or write us at Bohcolumbus1989@gmail.com  or BRIDGE OF HOPE, P.O.Box 23223, Columbus, Ohio 43223.

God bless you!!  Nora V.